Pranayama Modular Training

Taking you on a sequential journey of breath and Prana, from foundations of breathing to advanced Pranayama practices.

Pranayama Modular Training

Bringing Pranayama to Life!

Pranayama Modular Training Course

Pranayama is the link between the outer, physical elements of asana and the body, to the inner realms of mind and consciousness. The ancient texts tell us that if we can control prana, we can control our mind. Paying attention to, and modifying our breathing, helps to bring the unruly chatter of the mind under control.

The techniques of Pranayama also have some amazing healing qualities, and can be used as a functional toolbag for your every day life. One of the most important elements is learning to breath ‘correctly’, to retrain any poor breathing habits, and to wake up the respiratory muscles. There is an emphasis on working with breathing rhythms, something that modern science is now understanding the value of.

These Training Modules will take you on a journey of exploration, theory and practice of PranayamaThe aim of the training is to bring the practice of Pranayama to life, to give you a deep understanding of why you should include it as part of your Yoga journey, and how to work confidently and safely with the techniques. The Modules will offer you the opportunity to understand and experience the different ranges of breathwork techniques as set out in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Your time and investment on these trainings will inspire you to develop a daily practice of pranayama, and to feel confident to introduce it into your teaching.

Pranayama is inherently transformational. Your daily practice will infuse you with energy/prana whilst awakening your mind towards consciousness. It is the essential preparatory practice to lead us into dharana, dhyana and ultimately samadhi.

Many teachers understand the importance of Pranayama in their Yoga Classes, but are not sure how to teach it sequentially, or safely.

If you have nurtured a desire to work with Pranayama, but didn’t know where or how to start, or if you want to gain confidence to introduce it into your teaching, this training is for you.

Check out the video for a taster of my teaching style and the quality of the content that you can expect on the modules.

“Just a quick email to say thank you for a great weekend of learning. I really enjoyed the start of the course and I thought your easy going manner together with a really professional set of materials and clear love for what you do set the tone for what I’m sure will be an incredible journey.”  Isabel Peralta Jimenez Course Graduate 2021

“Thanks for the course, and your teaching. It’s been a real game changer for me”. Phil Evans Course Graduate 2019

“This was such an excellent and well organised course. Though I have been practising and teaching pranayama techniques already, this course gave me a much deeper understanding and a chance to explore more techniques. Thank you, Julie, for your guidance and expert knowledge. It’s been a wonderful experience and addition to my yoga journey!”  Kiran Summan Course Graduate 2020

Loving the practices and feeling a connection with yoga that I haven’t for way too long. This course is just what the Doctor ordered. Thank you so much Julie!“ Nicole Collarbone Course Graduate 2019


How do Modular Trainings Work?

Over the past two years, the landscape of training has changed. Our finances are being stretched ever further. Our ability to commit to long-term courses has been eroded. I am now happy to be able to offer a more time & finance-friendly option to study these wonderful practices. Each Module can be undertaken as a stand-alone training, complete with CPD Certificate. You can then chose to invest in another Module at a later date. This creates an opportunity to undertake the entire Pranayama Course in bite-size offerings, without any commitment up front to your finances, or your time. You choose how many Modules you wish to complete.

The content is the same as the original 150 Hour Pranayama Training Course, (if not a little deeper), and you get the same quality of teaching and resources. Choose from the Modules available below.  There is a comprehensive breakdown on each Module further down the page, along with the next training dates.


Pranayama Training Modules

module 1 : foundations of pranayama

Introduction to Prana, Pranayama, Respiration & Refinement of Breathing

module 2 : nadis & rhythms

Nadis, Neti, the Nose, Nadi Sodhana & Breathing Rhythms


module 3 : kumbhakas & bandhas

Kumbhakas (breath retentions), Bandhas, Prana Vayus, Internal Respiration & more Rhythms

module 4 : awakening prana

Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Dwadashanta, Panch Sahita, Mitahara

module 5 : transformational pranayama

Bhramari, Sithali, Sitkari, Ayurveda,  & the Bhedas

When prana moves, chitta moves. When prana is without movement, chitta is without movement. Therefore, restrain the vayu (air)“.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika


Module 1 :

Foundations of Pranayama

Saturday 16th July : 9.30am to 3.30pm

Sunday 17th July : 9.30am to 3.30pm


Module 1 £190.00

Deposit : £50

CPD Hours : 12

This Module forms the backbone of both your Pranayama practice and your teaching. Start your journey here and lay the foundations for confidence and success in Pranayama. Scroll down for in-depth content breakdown

Module 2 :

Nadis & Rhythms

Saturday 22nd October : 9.30am to 3.30pm

Sunday 23rd October : 9.30am to 3.30pm


Module 2 £190.00

Deposit : £50

CPD Hours : 12

This Module introduces the crucial element of the Nadis, the pranic energy channels. We also begin the process of developing breathing rhythms – something that science also now recognises the importance of. Scroll down for in-depth content breakdown

Module 3 :

Kumbhakas & Bandhas

TBC : Early 2023

Scroll down for in-depth content breakdown

Module 4 :

Awakening Prana

TBC : Spring 2023

Scroll down for in-depth content breakdown

Module 5 :

Transformational Pranayama

TBC : Mid 2023

Scroll down for in-depth content breakdown

Format :

Online via Zoom.

All trainings include comprehensive PDF Notes and access to a private Resource Portal with recordings, videos and supplementary content.

Do I have to attend the Modules in Sequence?

It is advisable to do the trainings in the order they are set out. The Foundations of Pranayama module will focus on the theory and the practice of Pranayama, looking at the basics of respiration and correcting any faulty breathing habits. If these essential are not in place, the rest of the practices will fall short.

Are the Trainings Live or Recorded?

To be able to qualify for CPD points, you have to attend trainings live. Each Module will be delivered as a Live Training day, either online via Zoom, or at some point, in person. There are also a wealth of resources on your private Training Portal, including video recordings and audios of the practices, plus copious PDF notes.

Can I complete the full Pranayama Training Course?

Yes. All the content delivered in the Modules comprises the full Pranayama Training Course. To complete the full course, you will have to attend all five Modules, complete the daily practice sessions for each Module, and complete five assessments. You will then receive the Pranayama Training Course Certificate.

Tutor: Julie Hemmings

Julie is a BWY Trained, Senior YAP Teacher and Trainer with over 26 years of teaching experience.  She has studied on many residential courses at the Mandala Yoga Ashram, and under the guidance of the resident Swamis, has experienced many blissful hours spent chanting many, many mantras.

Julie has a regular personal Mantra, Pranayama and Meditation practice, plus consistently integrates the techniques into her regular classes and workshops. She teaches several CPD Days as well as two longer, specialised Training Courses.



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Module 1 - Foundation Breaths, Refinement & Control


Session 1 – Foundation Breaths

1. Theory of Pranayama

2. What is correct breathing, and how does faulty breathing occur? Exploration.

3. Mahat Yoga Pranayama – the 9 part breath

3. Physiology of Respiration

4. Breathing and Yielding

5. Postures for Pranayama

6. Theory of Prana and personal exploration

7. Kaya Kriya

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours


Session 2 – Refinement & Control

1. Pranaya Mantra

2. Postures to encourage Mahat Yoga Pranayama/Full Yogic Breathing

3. Ujjayi Pranayama

4. Precautions of Contra-Indications of Pranayama

5. Staircase/Interrupted Breath

6. Guidelines for a Personal Practice

7. 12 Week optional Daily Practice


Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours


Module 2 - Nadis & Rhythms


1. Slow Flow Breath with Asana

2. The Theory of the Nadis

3. Ida Nadi – spotlight and practice

4. Pingala Nadi – spotlight and practice

5. Swara – The alternating nostrils

6. Anatomy of the Nose

7. Shatkarmas – Yogic Cleansing

8. Jala & Sutra Neti

9. Nadi Sodhana

10. Grounding

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours


1. Working with Rhythms

2. Nadi Sodhana in Rhythm

3. Natural Rhythms vs Controlled

4. Qualities of Inhalation & Exhalation

5. Sama Vrittti Rhythm

6. Asama Vritti

7. Developing the Exhale

8. Developing the Inhale

9. Prana Shuddhi Meditation

10. Optional 12 week Personal Practice


Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours

Module 3 - Kumbhakas & Bandhas


1. Theory of Bandhas

2. Moola Bandha

3. Agni Sara

4. Jalandhara Bandha

5. Exploring gentle retentions

6. Prana Vayus

7. Uddiyana Bandha

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours



1. Bandhas in Asana

2. Maha Bandha

3. Kumbhakas – Theory & Practice

4. Developing Antar Kumbhaka

5. Internal Respiration

6. Developing Bahir Kumbhaka

7. Savitri Rhythm

8. Developing more Rhythms with Kumbhaka

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours


Module 4 - Awakening Prana & Expanding Breath Capacity


1. Introduction to Energising Breaths

2. Preparations for Kapalabhati & Bhastrika

3. Theory & Practice of Kapalabhati and Variations

4. The Carbon Dioxide Deficit

5. Siddhasana

6. Pancha Kosha

7. More Nadi Sodhana Rhythms

8. Double Breathing/Interrupted Breaths

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours


1. Surya Namaskar Double Breathing Technique

2. Theory & Practice of Bhastrika 

3. The Panch Sahita

4. Mitahara

5. Ajapa Japa Meditation

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours


Module 5 - Transformational Pranayama


1. Surya & Chandra Namaskar

2. Bhramari

3. The theory of the Cooling Breaths

4. Sitkari

5. The Bhedas

6. Sithali

7. The dwadashanta

8. Energetic Categories of Pranayama

9. Ayurvedic Dosha & Pranayama

10. How to sequence a Pranayama Practice

Teaching Hours : 6 Hours

Personal Practice : 12 Hours




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